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How do you select the best anti-slip coatings?


Many people ask us how to choose the best anti-slip coatings or treatments. The key is to know more about your floor, how it is used, and how it is cleaned and maintained. Too many anti-slip coatings are selected only based upon data from the manufacturer. You should always test floors before and after an anti-slip coating is applied. You should also test the durability of the anti-slip coating because on some surfaces the effects could wear off and some coatings will not prevent a build up of contamination that may have been the cause of the slip risk in the first place. If you'd like to know more about anti-slip coatings then please contact Andrew.


How do you test anti-slip shoes?


We have recently been testing a number of anti-slip shoes and overshoes. Fascinating differences. Some anti-slip shoes work well in the wet and some do not. Some work very well with other contaminants and some do not. If you'd like to know more about how to select the most suitable anti-slip shoes then please contact us.


NEW - 4Earth Anti Slip Mineral Tile


We were asked to test the new 4Earth anti-slip gloss coating. The results were impressive. Please contact 4Earth for product details or contact Andrew for more information about anti-slip coatings.


Commonwealth Games


Well done Glasgow. Great games. Congratulations to all of the UK teams. Excellent result and record medal haulsl. Well done to all competitors in all of the sports. So many exciting moments including Mr Bolt winning gold. Interesting to see how many sports rely on good grip: cycling, squash, table tennis, judo, pole vault all need good grip in different ways. The wheelchair athletes needed grip to push the chair in the wet, the pole vaulters needed grip on the pole which was a challenge in the rain and the squash players had to stop when the floor became wet and slippery so that it could be wiped. Hockey surfaces are now designed to be wet and slippery. To find out more about testing the level of slip resistance on your sport surfaces please contact Jenny.



Good Luck Andy


With Wimbledon approaching, we'd like to wish Andy Murray the best of luck. The Queens Club tournament will hopefully be a good event for Andy and James Ward. Tennis players will be wearing studs in their shoes to avoid slipping on the grass. Do you know you can test the effectiveness of anti-slip shoes on different surfaces using your SlipAlert? Contact Jenny for information on testing surfaces or shoes.


Welcome to Richard Bowman


World renowned slip testing specialist Richard Bowman will be in the UK during June 2014. Richard lives in Australia but travels around the world helping people to understand and manage slip risks and helping to reduce slip risks amid make the world a little safer.


Good Luck England


We'd like to wish the England team good luck for the World Cup. We hope they don't slip up in Brazil.


Dairy UK


Jenny and Andrew enjoyed a fascinating talk on preventing slipping accidents in the dairy industry. You can use your SlipAlert to test floors, to test cleaning, to test anti-slip footwear and to keep all of your staff safe from slip risks. The HSE also attended and had information on slip prevention. For more information on slip preventing in food or dairy... please contact Jenny


French Open Tennis

Congratulations to Raphael Nadal for another amazing win. Clay courts have a very different slip risk profile to grass or hard courts. Tennis players understand slipping and sliding and wear shoes suited to each surface. they want to be able to slide into shots but also to avoid slipping and falling. Contact Jenny for information on testing surfaces or shoes.


Happy Easter


The Easter holidays increase the number of people out and about. Public buildings, leisure facilities, holiday camps, shopping malls can all expect more footfall and more chance that someone will slip. Especially if it is wet. Have a sunny and safe Easter.



How many slips?

How many slipping incidents do you have in your business? How many slips is acceptable?

How can you make your floors safer? Please contact us.


London Marathon

Good weather and perfect grip for all the runners.


Winter Olympics

Best of luck to the whole GB team at Sochi. Lots of events that involve slipping (safely). Congratulations to Jenny Jones and Lizzy Yarnold.


Sharing Slip Test Data

We'd like your help. As part of Andrew's paper for the slip prevention conference, he is calling for more sharing of slip test data. This should allow us to gain a better understanding of slip risks in hospitals, schools, factories or shopping malls. We can begin to understand how different floor surfaces and coatings cope with different levels of wear, contamination or cleaning. More


New Year + New Sliders


The start of the new year is a good reminder to check the sliders on your SlipAlert. It is also a good time to plan for improvements in floor safety in your business. If you'd like help with training staff, or guides to slip prevention in your business then please contact Andrew.


Happy New Year


Happy new year to all our customers and to everyone involved with floor safety or slip prevention. With very best wishes from Jenny, Malcolm, Andrew and all of the team at SlipAlert.




Christmas Wishes

We'd like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe 2014. Please have a look at our Christmas newsletter.


Christmas Cryptic Word Search

A bit of fun for the festive season with a nod to slip safety. Pass it around your office and see who can get the answers fast enough. Word search.


Snowman Competition

Winter officially starts on 21st December so those of us in the northern hemisphere can expect some snow. We will welcome snowmen of all shapes and sizes. See snowmen past and present.


Bumper Edition - Ruggedized SlipAlert


Malcolm has designed special bumpers for the SlipAlert to avoid damage if it collides with a wall. The first chance to see the new special edition bumper car was at FeRFA. You can see it here.





THE RESIN FLOORING INDUSTRY'S EVENT OF THE YEAR! SlipAlert were proud to exhibit at the Resin Flooring Association event of the year. FeRFA members brought along their SlipAlert machines for a free service, had a chance to see the new wheely case and the bumper edition ruggedized SlipAlert cart.

Japan Slip Conference

Andrew submitted a paper to the slip conference in Japan. Download a copy here.


New Leasing Options from only £95 per site

It is now even easier to monitor and maintain safe floors. Our easy lease options from just £95 per month make it easier than ever to manage slip risks in your business. Easy lease options. Please contact Jenny for more information.


More Wheely Wheely Good new

The long awaited new design for our wheely case is complete. Every new SlipAlert sold in 2013 will include the new wheely case free of charge. Already our customers are telling us how much they like the new case. Even Andrew is using it for site visits. See the new wheely case.


Slip Prevention training

We offer slip prevention training to Health & Safety Managers, EHO's, Cleaning Staff, and anyone involved in floor safety specification or management of slip prevention. Click for workshop topics.

New open course dates in November 2013. Book now.


New multi-site prices - save £100's

We are now working with companies who want the benefits of monitoring floors at multiple sites. This brings the added value from being able to compare different flooring, different cleaning and different maintenance regimes. You can improve cleaning, maintenance while saving money and reducing slip risks. Our new multi site prices from just £2200 per SlipAlert or leasing from just £95 per site make SlipAlert testing even better value. Mult-site price information. Please contact us for details.


Summer Offers

For details of free slip prevention training, and discounts on slip testing, purchasing or leasing SlipAlert click here


Shoes For Crews and safer labs


One of our pharmaceutical customers asked us to test their floors with standard rubber slider and also with a custom made Shoes For Crews (SFC) slider. The results were extraordinary. SFC are renowned for the supply of top quality anti-slip shoes, but even they did not know how well their shoes would perform on slippery floors coated with substances like IMS or Glycol used on these lab floors. In every test on every surface, the SFC shoes outperformed the standard rubber proving that staff are far safer now that they routinely wear SFC shoes in the labs. In many cases the risk was reduced by over 1000 fold. If you would like to test the effects of SFC or other anti-slip shoes on your floors then please contact us.




Wheely Wheely good news

The newly designed SlipAlert case is now available. More information. Please contact us for details.


Dementia a national crisis - London 27th June

SlipAlert is pleased to be supporting the Dementia Series conference in London on 27th June.


NHS Event - 20th June 2013

SlipAlert will be attending the NHS Estates and FM 2013 on 20th June. if you are planning to attend then please let us know and we look forward to seeing you there. NHS Estates and FM 2013


Safety + Health Expo 14th - 16th May 2013

SlipAlert will be demonstrating the extra grip provided by good quality anti-slip shoes. You can see a great visual demonstration of the additional grip provided by wearing Shoes For Crews as opposed to normal footwear. You can see videos of SlipAlert here, a video of SFC shoes, or visit us at the NEC on the Shoes For Crews stand.

Updated Technical Data Sheet

The SlipAlert technical data sheet has been updated for April 2013. Visit our download page or you can download the data sheet here.


GOSH - SlipAlert in Aberdeen - April 17th

Come and meet SlipAlert at the GOSH meeting in Aberdeen on 17th April. if you are planning to attend, then please let us know.


SlipAlert - Emerging Global Standard

SlipAlert is the world's best slip test, and it is rapidly becoming the global standard for slip testing. SlipAlert has been independently tested in UK, Europe, and Australia and found to have a very high correlation with the Pendulum. The SlipAlert has been tested by the UK Health & Safety Executive, it has been demonstrated to the CEN TC339 committee members, it is now used in dozens of countries and is being considered by standards bodies in countries as far apart as Finland and South Africa. SlipAlert is the most accurate slip test in terms of mirroring the physics of a human slip: speed, down force and length of travel. SlipAlert measure can be converted to Pendulum Test Values, PTV, Coefficient of Friction, CoF and will correlate with any accurate slip test. SlipAlert can be used to assess the slip risk of clean dry floors, wet floors or otherwise contaminated floors. SlipAlert is also used to assess the slip risk of different shoes and accurately takes account of the heel material and profiling of the heel surface. SlipAlert is the world's best slip test.


Testing Heli-Pads / Helidecks


Helipads need to be safe. The surface can become contaminated and slippery. Test your heli-deck for slip risk. Find out more about helideck safety or Contact SlipAlert


SlipAlert in Bangor - February 13th

Come and meet SlipAlert at the Safety Group meeting on February 17th at Bangor University.


Happy New Year

We'd like to wish you a happy and a safer 2013 from everyone at SlipAlert. Happy New Year


Winter Snowman Competition

The winter weather is closing in, the nights are drawing in. Take care on slippery roads and be careful when entering buildings if your shoes are wet, icy or covered with snow. If you have a snowfall then send us photos for our winter snowman competition


FERFA AGM November 2012

SlipAlert attended the very successful FERFA AGM at the Belfry. For more information please contact SlipAlert.


University Safety

As a part of our ongoing campaign to improve floor safety in universities, SlipAlert presented to the USHA meeting on July 23rd. If you would like to learn how you can reduce accidents, and reduce injuries across your university campus please contact SlipAlert


New 10 year warranty


We are now offering a 10 year warranty on all new SlipAlert machines. SlipAlert will provide accurate measures of slip risk for at least 10 years, so it now costs less than £1 per day to own your own slip test machine. Can you spare £1 per day to make your business safe and protect you from slip accidents and slip injuries. contact SlipAlert


Coming soon... monitoring slip risk made easier


SlipAlert is already the easiest and best way to monitor the slip risk of your floors. Now we are working on a new easy way to record the slip measures and monitor trends. Watch this space.


Partners wanted... major new safety initiative


We are developing new ways to reduce slip risks in every type of business: swimming pools, care homes, factories, universities, hotels, and for local authorities. Every fire officer deserves to work in buildings with safe floors. Every student, lecturer and member of staff in a university deserves to walk on safe floors. If you'd like to understand how to measure and manage slip risk in your business then please contact SlipAlert


Slip + Fall Accident Prevention


If you are researching slips, trips, falls or the human factors that affect falls, bio-mechanics, walking gait, balance and control... then we'd like to work with you. We can help you to understand the effects of the floor and the slip risks caused by contamination.


SlipAlert and FERFA

SlipAlert joins FERFA, the resin flooring association. If you install or maintain resin floors then talk to us about the benefits of safe flooring. In May, we'll be announcing some exciting news for FERFA members.

FERFA - the Resin Flooring Association


Commercial Flooring Contractors


Every new floor should be tested for slip risk. It is good for your client and good protection for your business too. If you lay new floors, maintain or refurbish floors then you should be testing the floors. One major construction company recently had to avoid costly legal action from the building owners when, 3 years after the floor was laid people began to slip and fall. The construction company had not tested the floors when they were new and had no way to prove whether the floors were safe when laid. If you test the floor and advise your client to re-test every year, then it will protect you from the horrible risk of future claims against your business. contact SlipAlert.


Commercial Cleaners Wanted

If you work in commercial cleaning then please contact SlipAlert.


EHO's wanted

If you work in environmental health as a Environmental health Officer then please contact SlipAlert.


SlipAlert in Belfast - video coming soon

SlipAlert gave a fascinating talk on slip prevention at the NI Safety Group meeting in June.

Northern Ireland Safety Group Slips and Falls, 18 June 2012. If you missed it, then you can see the video soon.

Slippery Tennis Courts... not slippy enough


In the run-up to the French Open tennis, many players complained that one tournament had blue clay which was too grippy and not slippy enough. If you'd like to test your tennis court and get the perfect level of slip then contact SlipAlert.




Safety & Health Expo - May 2012

Visit the Shoes For Crews (Hall 1 G 81) to see for yourself how quickly you can measure the slip risk of a floor. Meet Dr Malcolm Bailey the inventor of SlipAlert. Try the demo and see for yourself how much safer it is to walk in SFC shoes on slippery floors.

15th -17th May 2012

Photos from Safety Health Expo

Shoes For Crews anti-slip shoes



Charity Prize Winners

Entries for our April charity prize competition have closed and we'll be announcing the winners on 15th May. We will also be announcing another exciting charity competition.



SlipAlert @ foodex


Jenny meets Levi Roots at foodex.

For more information about foodex, Contact SlipAlert


Jenny and Levi Roots @ foodex 2012


SlipAlert and Shoes for Crews Partnership


SlipAlert and Shoes For Crews will announce an exciting new alliance designed to improve floor safety and reduce slipping accidents. For full details come along to FOODEX @ NEC in Birmingham, 25-27 March 2012


Shoes For Crews anti-slip shoes

Win £100 for Charity

Win £100 for your favourite charity. To celebrate the launch of our new website and the additional slip prevention materials we plan to add, we are offering you the chance to win £100 for your favoutite charity. Enter our new fun, easy competion now.


Wheely good news - SlipAlert even more portable


We are launching a wheely good new SlipAlert carry case. Wheely Good News Details


New Website

We'd like to wish you a Happy New Year and welcome you to our new improved website. Over the next few months, you'll see many exciting new additions designed to make it easier for you to maintain safe floors. We'd welcome your comments.



Small but perfectly formed... the new SlipAlert Pocket Guide to Slip Prevention contains lots of information about the importance of managing slip risk.


Pocket Guide to Slip Prevention.


Free pocket guide to slip prevention - click here

New Slip Prevention Programme

If you already own a SlipAlert, then we can help you to reduce the slip risks across your whole business from just £100 per month. Whether you operate one large site or hundreds of sites, we can tailor a programme of training, testing, cleaning and maintenance that will guarantee to half the number of serious slip injuries in your business.


Foodex March 2012

Try SlipAlert and learn how to manage slip risk in your business. SlipAlert is ideal for managing slip risk in food factories. Food factories have large areas of flooring... loading bays, production areas, storage areas, staff areas each with different potential for slip risk. FOODEX @ NEC in Birmingham, 25-27 March 2012


Exciting Times Ahead

Watch this space for exciting news from SlipAlert... joint ventures, more practical guides to slip prevention, a chance to meet the inventor Dr Malcolm Bailey, and exciting new services from £200 per month guaranteed to reduce/eliminate slipping accidents. We also have plans to sponsor slip/fall/accident prevention projects. So watch this space or to be one step ahead contact us.


End of Year Budget?

Buying a SlipAlert now before your end of year budget expires is a great way to save money over the next 5 years. With a SlipAlert, we can teach you how to improve your cleaning and save money on slip accidents, slip claims and how to keep all of your floors in tip top shape. For great end of year offers including discounted slip prevention training, a free Pocket Guide or discounts on lease or purchase. Contact us


Pocket Guide to Slip Prevention

We are pleased to announce that the new "Pocket Guide" is now complete and being printed ready for release in November. It is already being described as "ground-breaking" and "an invaluable tool for every flooring company" Order your free copy now.



SlipAlert was once again well represented at this year's very successful FERFA AGM. Our thanks to Helen, Bob and Lisa the organisers.


SlipAlert Australia - October / November 2011

Jenny Bailey and Andrew Stewart visited Australia during October and November 2011. Our thanks to all the wonderful people that we met and special thanks to Richard Bowman and Peter Vournechis. Richard is one of the world's greatest authorities on the science of slipping. Peter is the font of all knowledge on eveything to do with practical mainteance, cleaning and floor safety. Peter was a fabulous host. Our thanks too to the organisers of the events in Brisbane and Sydney.


Slip Prevention training

We offer slip prevention training to Health & Safety Managers, EHO's, Cleaning Staff, and anyone involved in floor safety specification or management of slip prevention. Click for workshop topics.


IEA Presentations on slip prevention

Andrew Stewart and Dr Malcolm Bailey presented papers on slip prevention at the recent International Conference on Slips Trips and Falls. For details click here


Latest CFJ article on roughness

The May 2011 edition of CFJ includes another article on roughnes. To view the article on misleading claims.


New Digital Inclinometer

SlipAlert is pleased to launch a new digital inclinometer for measureing slip risk on slopes. click here for details


Slippery Tennis Courts

Andy Murray and Rafa Nadal both had problems with slippery surface at the rain affected US Open Tennis. They both found that the line markings on the court surface were slippery when wet. You can test sports surfaces quickly and easily. Contact us.


IEA Technical Committee on Slips Trips and Falls

Andrew Stewart will be presenting at the International Conference on Slips, Trips, and Falls 2011. The conference will be held on 6th - 8th April 2011 at the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), Buxton, United Kingdom. We hope to see you at Buxton.


Certificate in Slip Test Training

We now offer slip test training which includes a competence test and certificate of competence. We will be introducing 3 levels of certified tester status to slip test businesses that have completed the certification testing and been assessed by us for the quality of their slip testing. For more details contact SlipAlert


Need an independent slip test?

If you need to test the slip risk of your floors, or require an independent slip risk assessment please contact SlipAlert


British Standard

SlipAlert now appears in the British Standard. BS8204 part 6 (Annex-B) describes how SlipAlert should be used for measuring and monitoring the slip risk of floors. SlipAlert and the Pendulum are the only slip test devices described in British Standards. More on BS8204.


UKSRG new website

Have you seen the UK Surface Roughness Group website? We'd welcome your comments. contact SlipAlert


Credit Card Payment Facility

You can now pay by credit card. Ideal when you want to hire SlipAlert or purchase new sliders. Contact Jenny


SlipAlert videos on Youtube

Watch the latest SlipAlert video. Now also on Youtube. We also want your feedback and ideas for training videos to help prvent slip injuries. Click here to see our plans and offer your ideas.


SlipAlert at NHS Conference

You can see SlipAlert at the NHS conference in Central London near Westmister in February. A pdf of the NHS floor safety booklet is avaialble. For details, contact Jenny.


"Rz catastrophic for floor safety in UK" - CFJ

The December edition of Contract Flooring Journal includes a controversial article on roughness by Andrew Stewart. We would welcome your comments on the roughness debate. Read the CFJ article here.


SlipAlert 100 times faster: quick and accurate

SlipAlert has been shown to give excellent correlation with the Pendulum and is much faster, saving you time an money. Combined tests by HSE, SlipAlert LLP and independent test houses over hundreds of floors give a 0.94 R2 correlation with the Pendulum. Find out how fast slip testing can benefit you.


Roughness... get your money back

Did you know that roughness measures can only be taken on clean dry surfaces? Did you know that Rz microroughness is NOT considered a measure of slip resistance - even by HSE? Did you know that roughness cannot measure change to slip risk? Have you been advised to "buy" roughness as a way to monitor the changing slip risk of floors? Time to get your money back. Trade in your old roughness meter. <more>


Slips Won't Fall - roughness to blame?

Latest HSE statistics show significant reductions in serious non-fatal accidents of all types except slips. In the 5 years that HSE has been promoting roughness for monitoring slip risk of floors, there has been a massive 25% reduction in serious accidents in all areas of safety except slips. <more>


Try SlipAlert at FERFA Event

On Friday 19th November you can try SlipAlert at the FERFA annual event. For more information contact Jenny.


SlipAlert arrives in Ireland...

Exciting news. You can now protect your business from slip risk by working with Slip Check. SlipAlert LLP are pleased to announce a partnership with Slip Check in Dublin. Slip Check offer comprehensive anti-slip services across Ireland (The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland). Slip Check offer exactly the same range of services as SlipAlert in the UK. Slip Check offer slip testing, consulting, and training on slip measurement and management. You can purchase, lease or hire SlipAlert in Irelend from Slip Check at the same prices we sell SlipAlert in the UK. Slip Check also offer fully comprehensive anti-slip solutions to help you protect your business from slip risk. Find out more. Visit


SlipAlert Warranty

All newly purchased SlipAlert slip testers qualify for our 5 year parts warranty. Your new SlipAlert will last for years if you look after it. Click here to see warranty conditions



What can you do in just 5 seconds?

Usain Bolt can run about 50m, most people can read about 20 words, or type 5 words, or speak about 15 words. You can accurately measure the slip risk of any floor in under 5 seconds.


Other tribometers, slip testers and slip test measures...

Tell us what you think about tribometers, other slip testing measures and coefficient of friction testers. Slip Testers Compared


Studying Tribology?

If you are studying tribology, then we would like to talk to you. We will help you to appreciate pedestrian slip risks and the importance of slip resistance of floors. We can provide you with data, information and education on tribometry as it relates to floor safety. Slips are the biggest cause of serious accidents, so you could make a big difference by studying pedestrian slip risk or making pedestrian slip risk a part of your tribology thesis. Contact SlipAlert


10,000 people suffer serious injuries at work

Each year, over 10,000 people suffer serious injuries from a slip or fall while at work. That may be the top of the iceberg ad thousands more are injured while out at their leisure on floors should be safe for staff and the public. Health and safety at work act


2010 January Offers

Take control of floor safety in 2010. Click here for details of our independent slip testing services and for slip testing offers.


New Slip Search Facility

Need help finding information about slip prevention?


Slip Tests Compared

SlipAlert LLP is compiling a list of all credible slip test machines. We'd welcome your comments on test machines you have experienced.


NEW Opportunity - are you a forensic engineer?

We are looking for a forensic engineer. Are you the best in your field? You should be:

  • well qualified and reknowned as the best in your field

  • working for a successful business

  • ambitious and keen to run your own successful forensic engineering consultancy

For more information contact Andrew +44 1923 858 323


Repeatabilty Testing. Your help please

We'd like your help to prove that SlipAlert is easy and consistent. We'd like volunteers to take part in our repeatability and reproducibility tests. Please contact SlipAlert if you'd like to volunteer.


Slip tests and slip testing devices compared

We are compiling research on other slip test machines. Please send us any details you have on thses slip test devices.


Wanted - H&S Consultants

If you are a top quality H&S Consultant then we'd like to talk to you. For more information contact Andrew


Guaranteed to reduce slip accidents

Use SlipAlert as part of an approved floor safety regime and it will reduce slip accidents and slip injuries. more


contact SLipAlert SlipAlert prices for purchase or lease hire SlipAlert lease hire from £100 per month


Floor Slip Potential by Dr M Bailey

Read the latest paper by Dr M Bailey. For a list of papers on slip risk, slip resistance and effective slip measurement click here.


Watch HSE Video of SlipAlert

The latest HSE video of SlipAlert in action clearly shows the difference between SlipAlert in wet and dry conditions. click on the image to watch SlipAlert in action.

watch SlipAlert on wet and dry floor - see the difference


HSE Comment on other test machines

HSE new interactive website, STEP, (Slips and Trips e-learning packages) comments on various other slip test machines. The GMG test, the Brungraber MkII, Tortus and FSC2000 work in a similar way. Some of these tests are still included in international standards and results are quoted in manufacturers' data sheets. It is important to note that the HSE does not accept these tests as a valid method for assessing the slip resistance of floor surfaces as they provide inaccurate data in contaminated conditions. contact


CIRIA 652 2009

CIRIA 652 is one of the most important and most influencial floor safety documents. It will be republished in 2009 and should include more practical advice on how/when to test floors. The 2006 publication made it clear that the slip ressitance of floors can change because of: spills, contamination, poor cleaning, wear, coatings or polishes, cleaning product residue etc. more


FERFA Guide to slip safety

If you'd like to see the new FERFA guide to slip safety on resin floors, visit the FERFA website or contact us.


contact SLipAlert SlipAlert prices for purchase or lease hire SlipAlert lease hire from £100 per month


Andrew joins the UKSRG

Andrew Stewart has finally been accepted as an associate member of the UKSRG. Andrew vows to shake up the UKSRG and help to raise awareness of slips, trips and falls and help people understand the science of slipping, the causes and the best practice in preventing slip accidents.

UKSRG application

UKSRG acceptance letter of thanks


SlipAlert in action

SlipAlert is now being used by hospitals, pools, leisure centres, the armed forces, emergency services, supermarkets, and insurance companies. They are finding it helps them to manage floor safety.

If you'd like to try SlipAlert then please contact Andrew on 01923 858323.


Help Slips Fall

H&S in the UK keeps improving... and accidents keep falling. We'd like your help to prevent thousands of slips and up to 10% of RIDDOR reported slip accidents by 2012. Click here for more details.


Health & Safety Advisers Wanted

We are running a campaign to raise awareness of floor safety and best practice in preventing foor safety. We'd like to offer you free workshops, discussion forums and a free information pack. If you are a health & safety consultant then please contact us.


SlipAlert in the news

SlipAlert marketing manager, Andrew Stewart, featured in an article on floor safety in the August edition of Flooring Magazine. please let us have your comments.


SlipAlert USA falls...

Due to an unfortunate family illness SlipAlert (jenny's brother has terminal cancer), SlipAlert plans for the USA have been postponed until 1st quarter of 2009. Apologies. We will keep you posted.


Safety Group?

If you are a member of a Safety Group and you'd like an informative talk on any of these subjects then please contact us:

  • Slips Trips & Falls and how to prevent slip accidents

  • People behaviours and floor safety

  • Floors, stairs and steps - and places people fall

Floor safety concerns...

If you have any hooror stories about floor safety or concerns about a type of floor or about anybody selling you products or services that you are worried may cause slip risks then pleass contact us. We'll try to help.


Meet SlipAlert @ Nothampton College - 8th July

Come and meet SlipAlert @ Safety Health and Environment Forum at Northampton College NN3 3RF. We have a stand at the forum. Andrew will being presenting one of the workshops entitled... Floor Safety - a hands on Guide. We'll be there from 7.30am till 12.30pm and we will be very happy to see you there.


SlipAlert Prize draw

Enter our free prize draw with a chance to win an ipod nano. You can enter at any of our roadshow events, by sending us a business card or by registering online.


SlipAlert and the Daleks

Q: What do SlipAlert and Daleks have in common?

A: neither can go up stairs. But that's ok because we have been discussing stair safety with the BRE (Building Research Establishment) and we will be publishing a simple guide to stair safety soon. Word of advice... stairs are dengerous and so are Daleks. Floors can be kept safe..


Watch the latest SlipAlert video...

Coming soon to this website, video footage of SlipAlert in action.


Latest version of the SlipAlert User Guide...

We have updated the SlipAlert user guide to make it easier. Just like SlipAlert the user guide should be easy to use.

Download the latest SlipAlert user guide.



Be the first to find out about this exciting UNSHATTERED initiative to prevent 50,000 serious accidents each year. We will formally announce it in August 2008 but if you want to help, please contact us now.


New website and branding...

Do you like the SlipAlert colours, brand and website? Please tell us what you think. Floor safety starts here. SlipAlert offers you the chance to enter a new era of floor safety and to prevent many slip accidents.


SlipAlert and HSE...

SlipAlert LLP continues to work closely with the HSE and we will shortly be launching a new section of our website packed with good advice from the HSE on safety procedures and how to test slip resistance.


SlipAlert and Wet Leisure...

Watch this space for exciting news about a new SlipAlert partnership to reduce slip accidents in the wet leisure sector. Pools and changing rooms require extra care and a professional cleaning regime that remove body fat.


SlipAlert in Australia

Peter Vournechis, our Australasian agent, enjoyed a very successful exhibition with SlipAlert at the Full Frontal Tile & Stone Expo at the Sydney Showground in April. More information on our Australasian partners can be found on our Partners pages.


Managed Floor Safety

We are pleased to announce a range of new managed floor safety services offered by SlipAlert and our partners.



SlipAlert Sales Support Now Available...

"Got a floor? Get a SlipAlert." We'd like to help flooring manufacturers and anti-slip treatment companies to sell SlipAlert and regular floor testing. Contact us for details.




Older News...



Got a floor? Get a SlipAlert!



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Floor maintenance is an opportunity to reduce slip accidents an effective cleaning regime that you can easily manage that also reduces slip accidents save money on floor maintenance save money on your cleaning without sacrificing floor safety save time monitoring an effective cleaning regime Save Time when purchasing, specifying, installing a new floor Slips can be a big headache for H&S managers, now you can save time and enjoy easy ways to improve floor safety SlipAlert helps many aspects of operations management and that can save you time and avoid needless operations headaches Using SlipAlert to check new floors will save you time and money and will reduce slip accidents SlipAlert can save you money and reduce the headaches that slips cause for Operations Managers Save money and implement more effective H&S policies that reduce slip risk SlipAlert can help you to improve floor maintenance, improve floor safety and reduce costs saves you money when specifying, buying or installing a new floor Helping Ops managers to reduce slip risk,  reduce slip accidents and reduce slip injuries Helping H&S managers to raise awareness of slip risks and implement effective policies that reduce slip accidents new floor: save time, save money, prevent slip accidents SlipAlert saves you time with new floors, floor maintennace, H&S, Ops, and floor maintenance floor safety home

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SlipAlert Article...

SlipAlert appeared in the May edition of flooring. For a text version of the article click here. SlipAlert also fetaured in February with an article on slip resistance mattres and measures.


coefficient of friction


SlipAlert Quick and Easy Floor Testing

  1. Unfold ramp and switch on SlipAlert (red light)

  2. Pull SlipAlert to top of ramp (green light)

  3. Release. When SlipAlert stops read SlipAlert Test Value (STV).

Download the latest SlipAlert user guide.


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Save Lives...

Thousands die each year as a direct result of slipping and tripping accidents. In addition, many elderly people who fall die within one year of the accident. SlipAlert saves lives and keeps you safe.

Click here to read our easy-guide to floor safety.


Slippery floor


Serious Accidents

Many serious accidents start with a fall. A large number of industrial accidents in which people injure themselves in machinary start because of a fall. When people slip they naturally put their hand out to prevent the fall and this results in many serious industrial accidents.


HSE statistics on major accidents caused by slipping.





Reduce Slipping Injuries

Our new slip prevention package and monthly slip prevention programmes guarantee to half the number of serious slip injuries in your business. Slip Prevention details.



Your chance to see SLipAlert and meet the inventor Dr Malcolm Bailey. If you are attending FOODEX, please let us know and we will be pleased to meet with you there. contact SlipAlert


London Olympics 2012

Are you going to the Olympics or Paralympics in London this year? Let us know if you encouter any slippery floors on yoru journey. Good luck to all the athletes and especially the British teams.


SlipAlert videos on Youtube

Watch the latest SlipAlert video. Now also on Youtube. We also want your feedback and ideas for training videos to help prvent slip injuries. Click here to see our plans and offer your ideas.


New Slip Prevention Guide

Pocket Guide to Slip Prevention

The brand new Pocket Guide to Slip Prevention is available from November 2011. It is packed with great ideas to reduce slip injuries in your business. Order your free copy now.


NHS Booklet

Slip testing can save the NHS money. You can avoid slip headaches like new floors being slippery or slips caused by poor cleaning. Our NHS booklet is helpful for all those involved in hospiatl safety, patient safety, NHS Trust health & safety, care Homes. Order your free copy now.

NHS floor safety

Still using roughness the fake slip test ?

If you have been advised to test for slip risk with roughness, then you have been misled. If you have purchased a roughness meter for slip testing then you may have been mis-sold. contact SlipAlert

Need an independent slip test?


If you need to test the slip risk of your floors, or require an independent slip risk assessment please contact SlipAlert



Skid Tester

Have you tried SlipAlert on roads? The Pendulum was originally designed in USA for floor testing. It came to UK as a skid tester for road testing. SlipAlert is far faster and more tests can be made without disrupting traffic for long. If you have used SlipAlert on roads as a skid tester we'd welcome your comments contact SlipAlert


SlipAlert in Court - Legal Evidence

Increasingly around the world, SlipAlert is used in court for legal evidence on the slip risk of the floor. In the UK, until now, judges have favoured the Pendulum. SlipAlert has british Standard, it delivers more consistent results that can quickly be checked. It helps building managers provide evidence of testing and monitoring for slip risk and to provide trend analysis. If you have used SlipAlert evidence in UK courts, please contact us.



British Standard BS8204

SlipAlert now appears in the British Standard. BS8204 part 6 (Annex-B) describes how SlipAlert should be used for measuring and monitoring the slip risk of floors. SlipAlert and the Pendulum are the only slip test devices described in British Standards. More on BS8204.


Surtronic brand damage

The latest HSE test data suggest that on real floors roughness measurement is worse than a guess. So why do Taylor Hobson and Spectrum Metrology sell Surtronic Duo and Surtronic 25 for measuring slip risk? <more>


Measuring roughness won't monitor slip risk of floors

Has anyone told you that measuring roughness will monitor the changing slip risk of your floors? If so, then please contact us immediately. Contact


SlipAlert is fast, easy, accurate and consistent. You can accurately measure slip risk of your floors in under 5 seconds.




contact SLipAlert SlipAlert prices for purchase or lease hire

Snowman Competition

Its that time of year. The great SlipAlert snowman competition. See photos of great snowmen, from the first SlipAlert snowman built by Jenny in 2007 to the amazing winning snowman from last year built by Steve Purser in Leeds. Enter your snowman.


Tallest Snowman?...

Got a taller snowman photo? It's been cold and snowy across the country. Hopefully we are heading for a thaw and warmer weather. A&E report more broken bones caused by slips and accidents as the thaw sets in. Slips happen in the snow, and as people enter building with snowy wet shoes. Please enjoy the snow but wrap up well and take extra care to avoid slip accidents. Send us pictures of your tall happy snowmen.

tall snowman and slippery friend

Is SlipAlert the best?

Is SlipAlert the best? What do you think?...


We need your help...

We'd like help from H&S consultants, forensic engineers, flooring manufacturers, and Operations Managers to test our claims specifically:

  • Repeatability & Reproducibility

  • Best measure of actual slip risk

  • Ease of use and reliability of result


SlipAlert saves time, saves money and prevents slip accidents

Find out how SlipAlert


Try SlipAlert

New weekly and monthly hire options you can upgrade to longer lease or purchase options. A small price to reduce slip accidents and prevent slip injuries. more


New Slip Articles

For a list of papers on slip risk, slip resistance and effective slip measurement click here.


SHE Heroes Wanted

We're looking for Health & Safety Heroes to reduce slip accidents, near missies and especially slip injuries. more

SHE Heroes wanted


Weekly testing reduces slips

Weekly slip testing will give you invaluable data about the performance of your floors and the performance of your cleaning. Click on the graph for more information.

weekly slip testing reduces slip accidents

SlipAlert Data Sheet

The new SlipAlert technical Data Sheet version 1.5 is now available.more


SlipAlert Team Challenge

A team exercise to help your staff think about floor safety. slip exercise sheet


Challenge Malcolm...

All SlipAlert customers get free advice on floor safety and Dr Malcolm Bailey the inventor of SlipAlert will try to answer questions you may have about slip resistance and measuring the dynamic coefficient of slip resistance. Challenge Malcolm


Selling SlipAlert

Have you thought about selling SlipAlert to your customers? It will help them to keep their floors safe and help you to offer and even better service to them and to validate their test results. Contact SlipAlert

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