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the American Slip Meter ASM slip test device

The American Slip Meter has been evaluated by the English UK HSE who have also tested SlipAlert. The HSE think that theAmerican Slip Meter fails to measure wet slip risk.


American Slip Meter ASM 825 comparison of slip test

We will be happy to compare American Slip Meter test results with SlipAlert test results. SlipAlert test results convert to PTV and coefficient of friction.


We understand that the American Slip Meter is an inexpensive slip test machine but we accept the HSE view that it fails to measure wet slip risk and is not as easy to use or as reliable as SlipAlert


Testing wet slip risk matters

Most slip accidents occur on wet floors. The science of wet slip resistance is complex but the key features relate to weight and speed. When your heel slips on a wet floor it is being lifted off the floor surface by a aqueeze film of water between the shoe heel and the floor surface. We understand that like many slip testers, the ASM-825 moves too slowly to simulate that aqua-planing effect.

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What the HSE say about the ASM-825

The UK HSE does not specifically quote the ASM-825 on its website, but we understand that the HSE consider the ASM-825 to have the same limitations as many trundle devices that allege to test slip risk. Like other slip testers, it may measure the coefficient of friction on dry floors reasonably well. However, according to the HSE, you should beware slip test measures that don't work in wet or contaminated condistions. the HSE says or Tortus, GMG, FSC200 and others...

"You need to be aware that it is an invalid test for pedestrian slipping as it gives incorrect results in contaminated conditions."


ASM-825 and legal slip cases in court

Some will argue that slip test measures like the ASM-825 are useful in court cases because they provide a credible measure of slip resistance and a printout of coefficient of friction of the floor. If you wish to contest evidence from the ASM-825 or other slip testers such as the TORTUS, GMG, FSC200 then you should conduct a simple slip test on smooth tiled floors. Measure the slip risk of the dry floor, the wet floor, and the floor with a coating of grease or oil plus water. Many slip testers like the ASM-825 will show the floor to be safer when wet than it is when dry. This is clearly counter to actual slip experience where most slip accidents occur on wet or contaminated floors.


contact SLipAlert SlipAlert prices for purchase or lease hire SlipAlert lease hire from £100 per month



contact SLipAlert SlipAlert prices for purchase or lease hire SlipAlert lease hire from £100 per month


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