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The English XL slip test device VIT

The English XL has not been evaluated by the UK HSE since 2001. The HSE publish no information about the English XL on their STEP website. Like SlipAlert, the English XL is designed to provide measures of wet slip risk. The English XL works by propelling a projectile under high pressure. Also known as a Variable Incidence Tribometer (VIT), the device works by varying the angle of the device can be varied until projectile skids off the surface. Have you tried the English XL, how doe it compare with SlipAlert? contact us.


Do you already use the English XL?


We'd like to conduct some comparisons between the Engish XL and the new Britsih Standatd lsip test, SlipAlert. If you own an English XL and use it for testing floors or helidecks then we will happily loan you a SlipAlert test machine for one month free of charge. contact Andrew for details.


The English XL or EXL and HeliDecks

The Helideck Certification Agency have used the EXL Deck Tester for more than 10 years, as a safety tool for Offshore Friction Testing. The EXL is used for Helideck testing, and unlike the Pendulum, it is easily carried offshore.


Owners and Operators alike can use the EXL to help meet their Duty of Care using it to test other areas on the installation, walkways, work areas, floors in the accommodation block and kitchen, anywhere that needs to meet a minimum standard for safety. If you'd like to compare your helideck readings to SlipAlert readings contact us.


English XL (EXL) is American


The English XL was designed and built and sold in America by William English. We understand it is now manufactured and sold in the UK. We will be happy to compare English XL test results with SlipAlert test results.


We understand that the English XL is a good slip test machine but perhaps not as easy to use or as reliable as SlipAlert. if you'd like to compare your English XL measures with a British Standard slip test then please contact us.


Update and correction


We previously stated that the HSE and HSL had not tested the English XL tribometer. We have been informed by the UK supplier that the HSE/HSL did in fact test the English XL in 2001. If you would like more information on those test results, or to question why the HSE STEP website make no reference to the English XL, please refer to the HSE and HSL.


HSE/HSL Testing of Slip Meters


We find it puzzling that the HSE STEP website published in 2009 would make no reference to a tribometer that is widely used around the world. The STEP website instead seems to focus heavily on roughness, a test which is not designed for slip resistance testing of floors, a test which cannot detect contamination and a test which cannot be used to monitor changes to slip risk. The HSE policy on roughness testing for floor safety is as ridiculous as advising car drivers and passengers to use bungee rope instead of car safety belts, or shaving foam instead of fire extinguishers.


More about the English XL

If you know more about the English XL and you'd like to share test data with us, or if you'd like to know more about the English XL and try your Enlsih XL alongside a British Standard slip test, then please contact us. If you'd like to compare your English XL results with SlipAlert then please contact us.







Contact SlipAlert for more information.



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