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Slips Cost More Than You Think


Slip Costs

Slips probably cost your business far more than you imagine and even if your business is slip free today you should be vigilant.


Capital Costs

  • The cost of unsuitable flooring that results in slip injuries

  • The cost of ineffective anti-slip treatments, coatings, or paints

Operational Costs

  • Ineffective, inappropriate or wasteful cleaning

  • Insurance, legal and admin costs of claims for slip injuries

Hidden Costs

  • Slip injuries cause 100,000’s of hospital bed days per year

  • Insurance covers only a small part of the overall cost of slipping issues

  • Slip injuries can damage your business reputation

Save time and money: learn how to keep your floors free from slipping accidents.


Has someone slipped up?....

Small mistakes or changes can lead to serious costs and slip headaches. An inappropriate floor can be expensive...


Legal Disputes caused by Poor Flooring

Legal disputes after laying an inappropriate floor can be expensive. In extreme cases poor flooring can result in major lawsuits with the building owners, argitects, designers, and flooring contractors all blaning each other or all blaming the operations people and cleaners.


Specify the required slip resistance or pay for the consequences.

Don’t slip up when changing your cleaning

A small change to the cleaning at a shopping mall resulted in several broken bones. Test for slip risk before and after cleaning regime changes.

Change of use... who slipped up

New owners installed a kitchen and canteen near the top of stairs. The floor was unsuitable and dangerous. Change of use: test the floor.


Win-win, no blame and safe floors

If you work together with your in-house or FM Operations teams and measure the slip risk before and after any changes then it will help build trust and faclitate a genuine “no blame” partnership.

Quick and easy slip testing helps you share data and work in partnership with in-house or contract cleaners to keep floors safe.


Safer, greener and lower cost

It is possible to find "green" cleaning. It is also possible to extend the life of many "safe" floors. If you switch to "green" cleaning and then find the floors are slippery you may be the baby out with the bath water. if an old floor is found to be slippery in areas of high footfall you may be jumping to conclusions that it needs replacing. It may be that once applied properly and in a way that suits your floor that your green cleaning is effective at keeping floors slip free.


The ability to measure the slip risk of floors can help you adjust cleaning methods and frequency till they suit your needs. It could make you greener and safer. It will save you money.


Guide to Slip Prevention

The links below reflect the links on the pages of the Pocket Guide to Slip Prevention.

Slip Prevention Extra Detail

Order Your Pocket Guide

The printed version of the Pocket Guide to Slip Prevention is a free publication designed to help you to manage slip risk. Contact SlipAlert




Floor maintenance is an opportunity to reduce slip accidents an effective cleaning regime that you can easily manage that also reduces slip accidents save money on floor maintenance save money on your cleaning without sacrificing floor safety save time monitoring an effective cleaning regime Save Time when purchasing, specifying, installing a new floor Slips can be a big headache for H&S managers, now you can save time and enjoy easy ways to improve floor safety SlipAlert helps many aspects of operations management and that can save you time and avoid needless operations headaches Using SlipAlert to check new floors will save you time and money and will reduce slip accidents SlipAlert can save you money and reduce the headaches that slips cause for Operations Managers Save money and implement more effective H&S policies that reduce slip risk SlipAlert can help you to improve floor maintenance, improve floor safety and reduce costs saves you money when specifying, buying or installing a new floor Helping Ops managers to reduce slip risk,  reduce slip accidents and reduce slip injuries Helping H&S managers to raise awareness of slip risks and implement effective policies that reduce slip accidents new floor: save time, save money, prevent slip accidents SlipAlert saves you time with new floors, floor maintennace, H&S, Ops, and floor maintenance floor safety home

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