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SlipAlert is the ideal measure for legal evidence because the results are consistent and accurate regardless of the user

Some slip meters, “trundle devices” like the GMG, Tortus, FSC2000, have been found wanting in their ability to measure wet slip. SlipAlert measures reflect actual slip risk on both clean dry floors and wet or contaminated floors. Any untrained user of SlipAlert will get 10 times the accuracy possible with the Pendulum even with a trained user. This makes SlipAlert the only viable measure of slip risk and is fast becoming the prefered choice for legal evidence in many countries.


free support for legal teams wishing to use SlipAlert evidence in slip injury cases

We are confident that SlipAlert is by far the best measure of slip risk available and we offer free support to any legal team wishing to use SlipAlert evidence in any court in the world.

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Reapeatability is a measure of the variability of measurements obtained by one person while measuring the same floor slip risk. As you would expect, SlipAlert delivers very consistent results, significantly better than the best of the other effective measures of slip risk.


Simple repeatability test

Chose an area of clean dry floor. Place SlipAlert on ramp on the floor and take 10 measurements from the same location. Wipe the slider with dry paper between each measurement. The 10 results should all be within 1-2 points of the average.


Slipalert will deliver very consistent results on a clean floor. Other machines may measure the same floor and give varying results with no actual change to the floor slip risk.



Repeatability is a measure of the variability of results caused by differences in operator behaviour. reproducibility can be measured by having three testers who each take two measures of the slip risk of 10 different floors. SlipAlert performs very well in this test with very little variance between the results from different operators.


Repeatability and reproducibility test:


Three people each take two measurements of ten different floors. Note: all users should adopt the same test method:

  • Use SlipAlert standard slider and wipe the slider with paper to ensure it is clean and dry between each test

  • check that SlipAlert wheels are turning freely and that it is switched on

  • Ignore and re-do any tests where SlipAlert is not released correctly or where it has obviously left the ramp awkwardly because of misalignment on release

  • For wet tests, ensure that the whole length of slide is wet (SlipAlert may stop sharply or spin if it hits a dry patch of floor)

  • Record the 60 different measurements and compare each set of 6 measurements. Each of the six measures should be very similar.

We are confident that for each operator the measurements will be within 1-2 points of the overall average measure for each floor.


SlipAlert is the best measure of slip risk. Contact us to find out more about using SlipAlert to benefit your business.




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Floor maintenance is an opportunity to reduce slip accidents an effective cleaning regime that you can easily manage that also reduces slip accidents save money on floor maintenance save money on your cleaning without sacrificing floor safety save time monitoring an effective cleaning regime Save Time when purchasing, specifying, installing a new floor Slips can be a big headache for H&S managers, now you can save time and enjoy easy ways to improve floor safety SlipAlert helps many aspects of operations management and that can save you time and avoid needless operations headaches Using SlipAlert to check new floors will save you time and money and will reduce slip accidents SlipAlert can save you money and reduce the headaches that slips cause for Operations Managers Save money and implement more effective H&S policies that reduce slip risk SlipAlert can help you to improve floor maintenance, improve floor safety and reduce costs saves you money when specifying, buying or installing a new floor Helping Ops managers to reduce slip risk,  reduce slip accidents and reduce slip injuries Helping H&S managers to raise awareness of slip risks and implement effective policies that reduce slip accidents new floor: save time, save money, prevent slip accidents SlipAlert saves you time with new floors, floor maintennace, H&S, Ops, and floor maintenance floor safety home

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