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Different Floor = Different Risk


Different Slip Risks


Floors have very different slip risks depending upon the flooring itself, how the floor is used and also depending on the types of contamination that come in contact with the floor. These factors act in combination, so a tiled floor may provide adequate grip on a shop floor but the same tiles may not be suitable as a shower room floor. One of two shower rooms with the same flooring may remain safe for many years while the other could become a slip risk in a matter of weeks if body fat is not cleaned from the surface thoroughly.


Different Flooring Materials

Man different materials are use for flooring and most can provide adequate levels of slip resistance, but all types of flooring are difefrent.

  • Wood, vinyl, ceramic tiles, resin flooring, concrete, marble...

With all of types of flooring, the slip resistance may vary depending on how the floor surface is finished and depending how the floor is cleaned.

Different Function

  • Swimming pool, kitchen, warehouse, entrance lobby...

The use of the floor defines the required level of slip resistance.

Other Crucial Differences

  • Indoors/outdoors, level of traffic

  • The level and type of contamination on floor will influence testing frequency

Appropriate floor surfaces are easy to clean and have a low slip risk during normal use.

Poolside Floor or Shower Room

  • Floor is constantly wet, bare foot slip risk
  • Regular cleaning may not prevent a build up of body fat

  • Kitchens and Food Preparation Areas
     Contamination from cooking, fat, oil, debris
     Water on top of grease will increase the slip risk considerably
    Outdoor Surfaces and Slip Risk
     Paving, car parks or decking
     Slip risk may change with seasons, wet weather or a build up of algae on the surface
    Each floor is different: certificate of slip risk should be specific to each floor
     Use of the floor variables: footfall, type of footwear, speed of walking, vehicles or machinery
     The required level of slip resistance will be set based upon the flooring material and its use
     The likelihood of contamination or change to slip risk will determine the frequency of monitoring
    Managing the specific risks on each floor requires reliable and detailed slip test data.


Guide to Slip Prevention

The links below reflect the links on the pages of the Pocket Guide to Slip Prevention.

Slip Prevention Extra Detail

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