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Flooring Maintenance


Floor Maintenance and Slip Risk

When floors are changed it can create a change to the slip resistance of the floor and cause unwanted slip risks.


3 layer model


Changes to the floor... test before and after

It is useful to measure the slip resistance before and after any changes are made to the floor. Replacement tiles may look similar but may have very different slip resistance properties, coatings and paints can fundamentally change the slip resistance of the floor. Even re-grouting of tiles could cause a significant change to the slip resistance as the floor will be polished after the grout is applied.


Coatings / Paints / Varnish

Different coatings have different slip resistant properties. Test coatings when applied and re-test periodically to determine how wear may be affecting the slip resistance over time.

Anti-slip treatments

Anti-slip treatments may be effective on one floor surface but not on another. Work with your supplier to get the required level of grip without damaging the surface or it’s ability to be cleaned.
Replacement tiles and repairs to floor surfaces
Replacement tiles may look like the original tiles, but could still have very different slip resistance properties. Test each batch of tiles and re-test the floor slip risk after any surface repair.

Unexpected change in slip resistance is a major cause of slip injuries.

Varnish, coatings and paints

  • Select the best anti-slip finish by testing each on a small area of floor before applying

  • Test again periodically after to check the effects of wear


Anti-slip treatments

  • Anti-slip treatments should be tested when applied
  • Re-test regularly to establish the effectiveness of slip resistance over time
  • Avoid anti-slip treatments that damage the floor surface making it difficult to clean

Changes to floors or Replacement Tiles

  • All changes to flooring should be tested for slip risk

  • Monitor and manage changes to slip risk caused by diamond polishing or buffing of the floor surface

  • Measure the slip resistance before and after every change to the floor

Top Tip:

Challenge your suppliers for guarantees on the durability of the anti-slip finish.


Guide to Slip Prevention

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