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Dr Malcolm Bailey - Expertise in Slip

Dr Bailey, who designed SlipAlert, was the first person to understand why TRL Pendulum results correlated so well with the known accident history of the floors tested. He realised that the uplift experienced by the Pendulum slider on a wet floor was almost identical in its effect to that experienced by a pedestrian’s heel when he or she slipped. It was therefore only by combining the various design parameters in a particular way that a test machine could accurately simulate a pedestrian’s heel in slipping.


Dr Bailey is Chairman of TC 339, the European Standard Committee for harmonisation of slip testing, and is Chairman of the BSI Committee which was responsible for BS7976, the Pendulum Standard. During the past 25 years he has tested many hundreds of floor surfaces and investigated hundreds of slipping accidents. He is also Secretary of the UK Slip Resistance Group.


Malcolm has for the last 15 years been the senior consultant with Radlett Consultants, recognised as one of the leading forensic engineering companies in the UK.





Dr Malcolm Bailey


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