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Sloping floors present a special challenge. You can use the SlipAlert inclinometer to measure the slip resistance of the floor as it would be on the flat or as measured by the TRL Pendulum.


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SlipAlert Digital Inclinometer


Using the instrument

1. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on. (If not used for six minutes it will switch off automatically.)

2. Press the MODE button until degree (o) is selected.

3. Place inclinometer lengthways down the slope (buttons vertical)

4. Press HOLD button to retain the reading. This is the angle of your slope.

5. Using the chart below, find the equivalent SlipAlert “adjustment value” based on the angle of the slope (to the nearest degree)

6. Position the SlipAlert ramp pointing directly down the slope.

7. Pull SlipAlert to the top of the ramp until counter resets to zero (green light). Carefully allow SlipAlert to roll down the ramp until the SlipAlert display matches the adjustment value. Note: if SlipAlert rolls past the adjustment value take it back to the top of the ramp and start again.

8. Briefly halt SlipAlert at the adjustment value before letting it go as normal.

9. The SlipAlert Test Value (STV) obtained is an accurate measure of the slip resistance of the floor as if measured on the flat. Measurements taken across the slope should match the measures obtained by the above method.


Angle of slope - to nearest degree

SlipAlert Adjustment value

















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Using the old SlipAlert Inclinometer

Note: SlipAlert no longer sell the old style inclinometer

a. Ensure that the wing nut is sufficiently tight so that the two sections can be moved relative to each other but remain where set when in use.

b. Position the Inclinometer on the slope so that it lies up/down the slope with the wing nut nearest the top of the slope.

c. Adjust the level so that the bubble is exactly in the centre. Read off the setting number and the angle from the two scales.

d. Position the SlipAlert ramp on the slope and pointing directly down the slope.

e. Pull SlipAlert up to the top of the ramp but instead of letting go when the green light indicates, allow SlipAlert to slowly roll down the ramp until the setting number is indicated on the digital display. Briefly halt SlipAlert at this position before letting it go as normal.


When SlipAlert stops read the SlipAlert Test Value (STV) as normal.


Note: The result you have obtained is an accurate measure of the slip resistance of the floor in combination with the slope and can be converted to Pendulum Test Value (PTV) if required. However, because the floor is on a slope it will require greater slip resistance to be as safe as it would be on the flat.

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Pedestrians and slipping

Note: Having measured the slip resistance of your floor you will now need to consider that you need greate slip resistance from floors on a slope because pedestrains will walk faster and will need even greater traction.



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