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Slip Resistance Measurement

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this image is published with the kind permision of the HSE from their Shattered Lives Campaign

SlipAlert - helping to reduce slip accidents

email SlipAlert and improve your floor safety

call SlipAlert on 01923 858 323 - help us save 50,000 serious accidents


Slip Resistance Testing

This section is all about the science of slip resistance testing. Work at the Building Research Establishment in the late 1950s discovered that in straight walking the average dynamic coefficient of friction required by the population as a whole was around 0.19. However, it did vary significantly from person to person and they calculated that 1 person in 1 million would require as high as 0.36. So we need a way to test different floors to ensure that wet or dry the surface is safe and has a dynamic co-efficient of friction greater than 0.36


HSE and Slip resitance testing

Click here to read the HSE paper on slip resitance testing

This technical document considers a number of test
methods for assessing floor slip resistance and
describes those used by HSE/HSL in more detail. It is
intended for organisations which need to perform
accurate measurements of floor slipperiness, such as
manufacturers and research and testing bodies. It will
also help employers and other dutyholders with
assessing slip risks in workplaces by helping them to
interpret flooring manufacturers’ test data. This should
allow them to make an informed decision in choosing
new floors. In the light of this information,
manufacturers and suppliers of flooring are
recommended to review the floor slip resistance
information they provide when producing flooring data
sheets for customers.

Study into Slip Resistance Testing

We plan to launch a world-wide study in slip resitance testing. the aim of the study is to gather information about slip resistance of real floors in different situations: stone floor, tile floors, wooden floors, resin floors. Floors in kitchens, shopping malls, shop entrances, swimming pools, sports halls. We would like to build a picture of the changing nature of slip resistance over time and the effects of wear, different cleaning regimes and different type of anti-slip tratment.


Slip Resistance Testing Study 2007-2008

Participants in the study will benefit from:

  • Free coaching and training on the science of slip resistance testing

  • Free access to a summary of our findings

  • Knowledge that your findings will help to save lives all over the world

To find out how you can participate in this exciting world-wide study of slip resistance testing, please contact Jenny.



SlipAlert. UK HSE tested

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"SlipAlert should be regarded as a good indication of available friction, lending itself to risk assessment, monitoring of floor surfaces and evaluating & monitoring cleaning regimes" UKHSE


We are looking for universities across Europe who wish to conduct research in the field of slip resistance testing. We will offer training and coaching from one of the world-leading specialists in this field, Dr Malcolm Bailey.


Dr Malcolm Bailey

Dr Malcolm Bailey

Dr Malcolm Bailey will be the brains behind our support for university research studies in Slip resistance testing. Dr Bailey is recognised as being a world authority on the science of slip testing and slip resistance.



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Slips and trips are the biggest cause of accidents. Slips result in 81,000 hospital admissions each year, that's nearly five times as many as the hospital admissions for car crashes.





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SlipAlert LLP is a UK commercial business owned and run by Dr. Malcolm Bailey, his family and others who believe in floor safety. We have been selling SlipAlert for nearly 4 years. SlipAlert is available in the USA from SafetyDirectAmerica and in Canada from GlobalSafe. In the Fall of 2008 we plan to launch a floor safety campaign across the USA and we need your help. If you would like more information then please contact us by email or telephone +44 1923 858323. Please leave your name, company name, contact telephone number and tell where in the USA you live. We look forward to your call.

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