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New way to manage slip risk

Floor Slip Testing


Got a slippery floor?

If you have slippery floors, we can help. SlipAlert is the new British Standard slip test. We can help you with the best independent slip testing. We also sell / lease / hire SlipAlert so that you can measure and monitor the slip risk of your own floors. Try the best floor slip testing = guaranteed.


Slip test services for all floors


Fast, efficient, and better value than other slip test services.Our slip testing uses the latest British Standard slip test equipment. It is faster and more accurate than other slip tests and you get more valuable information about the slip risk of your floors. Using SlipAlert to test the slip risk of floors is quick and easy and helps you to reduce costs and make floors safer. More information on slip testing or Book a slip test


Best Value Slip Testing

SlipAlert is the new 21st century methhod os slip testing. It is quicker, easier and more accurate than other slip tests. So we spend more time analysisng the slip risk of your floors and less time wasted setting up cumbersome old fashioned equipment. If you want the very best slip testing for legal reasons, for accident investigation or for preventing potential slip accidents then contact us now. protect your business properly. Book the best slip testing.



Flooring Uses

Floor Materials


Kitchen floors

Leisure Centre Floors

School + University Floors


Sports flooring

Stations and Airports

Commercial flooring

Car Parks

Paths, Paving, Decking

Stone Floors

Wood Floors + Coatings

Ceramic Tiles

Natural Tile Floors

Terrazzo Flooring

Resin Floors

Vinyl Flooring


Concrete Floors

Metal surfaces

Management reporting

Quality risk assessments

Slip Prevention

Improved cleaning

Improved maintenance

Slip Accident Investigation

Legal + Compliance

Monitoring Change

The best slip testing

Other slip test companies will try to sell you slip testing with out of date or inaccurate slip testing. SlipAlert and the Pendulum are the only 2 British Standard slip tests... but SlipAlert is designed to be portable and accurate on all floors. the Pendulum, is bulky, difficult to transport and slow. It requires an expert user and even then the results can easily be wrong. Our slip testing is the most accurate and most comprehensive. With SlipAlert we can take many measures across your floor and look for variations or areas of slip risk. While the Pendulum tester is still setting up, we will have taken dozens of tests (that would take days with a Pendulum). SlipAlert results convert quickly to Pendulum Test Values (PTV) and Coefficient of friction (CoF).



Independent slip testing or DIY Slip Testing


Slip testing floors with SlipAlert is quicker, more comprehensive and costs far less than any comparable slip testing. We guarantee to provide a more thorough slip test and a more detailed slip prevention report at a lower price than anyone else.


With SlipAlert it takes seconds to test each of your floors, measure the slip resistance (coefficient of friction), and determine which floors are safe and which require careful managing. For details of independent slip testing services, please read this page or contact SlipAlert.


Slippery Floors at Work!


Every business nightmare... a customer or member of staff slips and is injured.
Slippery floors result in LOSSES due to preventable slip fall injuries. Slippery floors can cost far more than you might think.

  • Loss of Money (excess, increasing insurance premiums)

  • Loss of More Money (litigation, OH&S compliance)

  • Loss of Key Personnel

  • Loss of Productivity

  • Loss of Time

  • Loss of Reputation

Get our free pocket guide to slip prevention.


Independent slip testing saves money


SlipAlert testing can save you time, save you money and help you to prevent slip accidents and serious injuries. When you purchase a new floor, change a floor, change your cleaning or when you have a slip accident you should conduct independent slip test of the floor. Our slip testing can save you money. For details contact SlipAlert.


Annual Slip Risk Assessment


Slip risk assessments can now cost far less than you might think. We can conduct annual slip risk assessments to monitor the risk of your floors. contact SlipAlert for details.


Comprehensive Slip Test Report


Our slip testing will detail how safe each floor is and we will also look at the effectiveness of your cleaning and floor safety regime. We'll help you to make floors safer, to reduce slip risks and to reduce slip accidents. For details contact SlipAlert.



Fast effective slip testing


Fast, effective slip testing works better for your business. We can conduct one slip test in just 2 seconds so if you have areas of floor that are busy, we can be in and out in a flash. Our tests tend to be more thorough than others because we use SlipAlert that averages over the length of an actual slip. It is quick and easy to make several discreet tests of a large area of visually uniform flooring and identify problematic areas caused by contamination, poor cleaning or variations in the floor surface itself.
contact SlipAlert.


Great Value Slip Testing


Our slip testing represents great value. We give you a more detailed report than is possible with other slip tests. We don't waste time with roughness or other tests that don't work. We understand slip risk and provide thorough testing and risk assessment. We offer cheaper slip testing than most, because we use the world's best slip test and because we know what causes slip risk in all types of business flooring. For details contact SlipAlert.


Independent Slip Risk Monitoring Service


We can arrange to periodically monitor floors floor you. This may be done in conjunction with internal slip testing. We can assess the slip test data that you collect and periodically we'll make tests to confirm the slip testing data matches the slip risk of your floors. As a part of this ongoing service, we'll work with you to reduce slip risks across your business. contact SlipAlert.


Slip Testing Procedures and Processes


We can help you to write procedures for floor testing that will reduce your liability and will reduce the risk and cost of slip injuries. Together, we'll assess each floor area and agree the level of slip risk and the likelihood that the slip risk will change. Some low floors may not need checking from one year to the next. Others may need checking more frequently. We'll help you to document a manageable process that will protect your business and will keep staff and customers safe when they walk on your floors. For details contact SlipAlert.


Due Diligence and Legal Requirements


You have a legal requirement to keep your floras safe for customers and staff. When you engage our slip testing services, we'll help you to understand why floor safety is important and how you can show due diligence while also making floors safer. We can help you to quickly reduce slip injuries in your business. contact SlipAlert.


British Standard Slip Testing


We use SlipAlert (BS8204:6) British Standard Slip Test. SlipAlert has been shown to match the Pendulum, the only other British Standard slip tester but our tests are far quicker and more reliable.

contact SlipAlert.


Pendulum Slip testing


As standard we test with with SlipAlert. Our test results can be converted to Pendulum Test Values with high reliability. Independent tests in Europe, UK and Australia suggest a very high correlation between SlipAlert Test Values (STV) and Pendulum Test Values (PTV). contact SlipAlert. Note if you need a Pendulum test to corroborate the SlipAlert test then we can arrange for that too.


Roughness slip test - don't


Some slip test consultants test for slip risk using roughness. Roughness tests are very misleading, do not measure slip resistance or change to slip resistance and cannot detect contamination or poor cleaning. Some consultants will tell you that the roughness value has changed and so you need a new slip test. That is nonsense, changes to Rz roughness happen randomly on floors and do not reflect changes to slip resistance and any good slip consultant will know that. Some will test stair nosings with roughness. That too is a waste of time and will give a misleading result. BRE tests have shown that falls on stairs have very little to do with the slip resistance of the stair nosings. Roughness does not measure of slip resistance, so the fact that the test can be made does not make it a valid slip test.


SAT Slips Assessment Test


We can take SlipAlert values and show you reports based upon the HSE SAT software and a reliable measure of slip resistance. We have prepared a thorough evaluation of SAT and we can explain its strengths and weaknesses. SAT is far more effective when used alongside a real measure of floor slip resistance. contact SlipAlert.


SlipAlert Slip Testing


SlipAlert slip testing is the very best in the world. It is one of only two British Standard slip test machines and is the only one of these that is quick, accurate and has a digital display of the slip test value. Our testing is often far more thorough because we use the best slip test and we understand the causes of change to slip risk in different flooring situations. contact SlipAlert.


Testing anti-slip coating and treatments


Anti-slip coatings and treatments should be tested. Not all anti-slip coatings will work the same on all surfaces. An acid etch may work on one ceramic tile but may damage a different tile. Coatings will not always bind as manufacturers promise. So measure the slip resistance of anti-slip coatings and treatments before you purchase.


Durability of anti-slip properties


When you buy a new floor or apply an anti-slip coating you want it be safe and to stay safe. In reality, the anti-slip properties of many floors degrade. We can test the floor over time and help you to understand the durability of the anti-slip flooring and how to keep it safe over time.


Slip Testing Three Layer Model


We do more than test your floors for slip risk. We'll explain the three layer model the floor layer, the barrier layer and the human layer. We'll explain the relationship between the three layers and how you can reduce slip risks by managing each of the layers.

For details contact SlipAlert.


DIY slip testing


If you want to conduct your own slip testing, you can hire SlipAlert for 1 week or one month or lease or purchase SlipAlert. Remember, SlipAlert offers far more than the world's best slip test machine, we also offer advice, training and guidance on how to reduce slip accidents and reduce slip injuries. For details contact SlipAlert.


Slip Testing Swimming Pool Floors


Swimming pool surrounds can become slippery. We have wealth of experience of testing swimming pool flooring including shower rooms and changing rooms. We look for areas of risk and causes of risk. We test for body fats, we test the effectiveness of your cleaning, we test for build up of soap or other contaminants. We can test for wear, and test any anti-slip coatings or treatments that have been applied to floors. contact SlipAlert.


Slip Testing for Factory Floors


Factory floors can quickly get wet, dirty, and covered in dust, oil or grease. We test new floors, we test before and after cleaning, we test areas of floor that are painted, or worn or where leaking machines contaminate the floor. contact SlipAlert.


Slip Testing for Shopping Malls


Slip Testing for Hotels


Slip Testing after slip accidents


Independent Slip Test Audit / Risk Assessment






SlipAlert everything you need to improve floor safety

To discover how Slipalert can help you to save time, save money and prevent slips simply mouse over the diagram on the right...


Slip testing to suit your business


We offer slip testing in any type of business. We work with you to measure the slip risk of each of your floors and help you identify slip hazards in business:

We test with the best...slip tester, SlipAlert


SlipAlert fast easy reliable floor slip testing

Slipalert test results

SlipAlert test results can be monitored over time to manage safety. SlipAlert Test Values can easily be converted to Pendulum Test Values or coefficient of friction test values.


Independent slip risk validation service


If you have already tested the slip risk of your floors and you require independent validation of slip tests then contact SlipAlert.


Coefficient of friction tests


SlipAlert accurately measures the dynamic coefficient of friction in both wet and dry conditions. Unlike some slip tests that do not work according to the UK HSE.


Test floor safety - measure slip resistance


SlipAlert testing provides accurate measures of floor slip resistance and can help you to understand the causes of slip risk in your business. For more information on assessing slip risk please contact SlipAlert


Calibrates with Pendulum Test Values = PTV

SlipAlert Test Values STV correlate with Pendulum Test Values PTV and can be converted to PTV in seconds using the SlipAlert results graph. For more information about measures of slip resistance and slip risk please contact SlipAlert.


Floor safety made easy

testing slip risk of floors with SlipAlert is so easy with SlipAlert you can do it yourself. Repeatability and reproducibility tests with SlipAlert show that any SlipAlert user (even a novice slip tester) will obtain reliable test results with more consistent results than the best laboratories can provide with TRL Pendulum.


Cost saving slip tests

Testing slip risk with SlipAlert saves you money. Its far cheaper than many other slip tests and it helps you save money on anti-slip measures while also helping you to make your floors safer. Contact SlipAlert for more information.


Slip testing offers

We'd like to help you keep all your floors safe for your staff and for your customers. Slip testing is better value with SlipAlert and even better value with our special slip testing offers.


Contact SlipAlert for more information.


Slip testing that is better then the best slip tester and far better than the rest...


SlipAlert slip testing is far quicker than Pendulum testing. SlipAlert measures wet slip risk unlike many other test machines. HSE say that GMG, Tortus and FSC2000 are not reliable measures of wet slip risk. SlipAlert testing is far better than Rz microroughness testing and can be used instead of roughness with SAT the slips assessment tool.

Contact SlipAlert for more information.


Anti-slip testing


If you want to test the effectiveness of anti-slip flooring, anti-slip coatings or ant-slip treatments then SlipAlert is the best way to test any anti-slip measure.

Contact SlipAlert for more information.


Matches Lab testing


SlipAlert testing of in-situ floors is as accurate as tribometer lab testing and will give you COF (coefficient of Friction) SCOF or PTV results that match the results you'd get from a slip test consultant or slip forensic engineer or specialist tribometry. SlipAlert results reflect the slipperiness of your floors and accurately measure actual slip risk.

Contact SlipAlert for more information.


Other slip testers don't work


HSE think trundle tests and sled tests don't work for measuring wet slip risk. The American slip meter appears to work in the same way as the sled tests and trundle tests that don't measure wet slip resistance of floors. SlipAlert and pendulum are the only two slip tests proven to match real slip risk and to accurately measure the squeeze film effect that causes wet slip risk and most slip accidents.


Slip Test devices and machines


Manage the slip risk saves you time, money and prevents accidents .Discover how SlipAlert can help you...

Contact Jenny to find out more.


Costs not covered by insurance may be considerable


Slips don't happen every day, but when they do, the cost to your business can be high. Uninsured costs could include:

  • lost time - recovering from slip injury

  • sick pay

  • overtime working and temporary labour

  • production delays

  • insurance investigation time

  • ill-feeling: the person who slipped may claim compensation

  • fines

  • loss of contracts

  • legal costs

  • loss of business reputation

Regular monitoring of your floors costs far less than you might think and it could save you time and money. Contact SlipAlert


You have a legal duty to keep floors safe


You are responsible for the health and safety of your employees while they are at work and any customers who visit your premises. The HSE advise us that poor health and safety procedures could mean increased insurance premiums or difficulty in obtaining future insurance cover.


Find out how to implement an effective floor safety regime


Slip Testing

SlipAlert is the new British Standard slip test that is easy, fast and replicates the physics of a human slip...


you can prevenmt slipping accidents and major injuries


Slip Testing

Floor slip testing order your slip test now


Floor maintenance is an opportunity to reduce slip accidents an effective cleaning regime that you can easily manage that also reduces slip accidents save money on floor maintenance save money on your cleaning without sacrificing floor safety save time monitoring an effective cleaning regime Save Time when purchasing, specifying, installing a new floor Slips can be a big headache for H&S managers, now you can save time and enjoy easy ways to improve floor safety SlipAlert helps many aspects of operations management and that can save you time and avoid needless operations headaches Using SlipAlert to check new floors will save you time and money and will reduce slip accidents SlipAlert can save you money and reduce the headaches that slips cause for Operations Managers Save money and implement more effective H&S policies that reduce slip risk SlipAlert can help you to improve floor maintenance, improve floor safety and reduce costs saves you money when specifying, buying or installing a new floor Helping Ops managers to reduce slip risk,  reduce slip accidents and reduce slip injuries Helping H&S managers to raise awareness of slip risks and implement effective policies that reduce slip accidents new floor: save time, save money, prevent slip accidents SlipAlert saves you time with new floors, floor maintennace, H&S, Ops, and floor maintenance floor safety home

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