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New way to manage slip risk

Training on Slip Risk


Tailored Courses to suit the needs of your staff

We tailor training to suit the needs of your staff and to include relevance to your business and the areas of floor slip risk most relevant for your business and your staff.


Workshop Content

We provide slip prevention training workshops for H&S managers, EHO's, cleaning staff, architects and for anyone involved in specifying or managing floor safety. These interactive an informative workshops include everyting you need to know to keep floors safe. To see the typical workshop content click here


Modular slip risk training

We develop the training from standard modules to maximise the benefits for your business. Training modules include:

  • Three layer model – floor, pedestrian, contamination

  • Wet + dry slip risk- important differences

  • When/where/why test

  • New floors

  • Changes to floors

  • Other slip measures

  • Rz and other microroughness measures

  • Physics of wet slip risk

  • Stairs vs flat pedestrian slip risk

  • Monitoring change

Practical Tips on Using SlipAlert

SlipAlert :

  • dry, wet, semi-wet

  • Things to look out for

  • Variance of results - and what may cause this

  • Allowing dust to collect on slide

  • Hard to measure places including slopes

  • Slider care

  • Different sliders = different results = different situations

  • Pools + always wet areas = shower rooms



Slips can be prevented...

SlipAlert LLP works with businesses all over the world to reduce slip risk. We work with supermarkets, shopping centre, leisure centres, flooring manufacturers and with anti-slip providers to help you understand and manage slip risk. It is our aim to reduce slip accidents and reduce slip injuries.


We offer training consulting on managing slip risk:

New... slip risk workshops

How to measure and manage slip risk. This is a short in-house workshop desiged to help H&S staff to consult effectively with operations staff, cleaning teams and all staff on the important issue of managing slip risk in your business. Workshops are tailored to your needs but typically last between 1-2 hours. Up to 25 attendees.


Who should attend

  • Non-H&S Managers

  • All staff

  • Cleaning Teams

A great way to consult with staff on slip risk and the importance of effective floor safety and cleaning regimes.


Workshop contents

  • Slip Risk and why it matters

  • How to assess risks

  • the importance of effective cleaning

  • Benefits of benchmarking floor slip risk

  • Benefits of trend analysis and investigating exceptions

  • Cost Effective ways to reduce slip risks

  • How to manage risks on stairs

  • How to prevent needless slip injuries


Also available, advanced workshops on managing slip risk.


For more information please contact Jenny.


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Floor maintenance is an opportunity to reduce slip accidents an effective cleaning regime that you can easily manage that also reduces slip accidents save money on floor maintenance save money on your cleaning without sacrificing floor safety save time monitoring an effective cleaning regime Save Time when purchasing, specifying, installing a new floor Slips can be a big headache for H&S managers, now you can save time and enjoy easy ways to improve floor safety SlipAlert helps many aspects of operations management and that can save you time and avoid needless operations headaches Using SlipAlert to check new floors will save you time and money and will reduce slip accidents SlipAlert can save you money and reduce the headaches that slips cause for Operations Managers Save money and implement more effective H&S policies that reduce slip risk SlipAlert can help you to improve floor maintenance, improve floor safety and reduce costs saves you money when specifying, buying or installing a new floor Helping Ops managers to reduce slip risk,  reduce slip accidents and reduce slip injuries Helping H&S managers to raise awareness of slip risks and implement effective policies that reduce slip accidents new floor: save time, save money, prevent slip accidents SlipAlert saves you time with new floors, floor maintennace, H&S, Ops, and floor maintenance floor safety home

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