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New way to manage slip risk

SlipAlert Videos


Simple guide for 1st time users


If you have never see SlipAlert, this is a good place to start. See how easy it is to test floors. See SlipAlert in action.




Effectively slip testing floors


Effective and easy ways to test your floors for slip risk.




Why test your floors



SlipAlert Care



Site specific issues

The 3 layer model explains why some areas will have greater risk for slip accidents and how you can assess site specific issues.



Buying new flooring

Using SlipAlert you can test potential new flooring systems and assess how well it will perform and if it is suitable for your specific needs.



Effective cleaning and maintenance

Effective cleaning and maintenance prevents slipping accidents and it can extend the life of your flooring.


Explaining slip risk

A simple explanation of the complex physics that causes humans to slip and fall.


The Magic of SlipAlert



Measure slip risk in seconds


SlipAlert is probably the world's best slip tester and probably the fastest accurate slip test...

100 times faster than the Pendulum.

click below to watch the video.



Click on the image to load the video - (about 1 minute to load)

SlipAlert video link


Quick to learn quick to measure

SlipAlert is so quick and easy to learn that your very first measure of slip risk will be more accurate than any laboratory measure of slip risk could manage in 1 hour.


Measures slip risk in less than 5 seconds

With SlipAlert you can take a measurement of slip resistance in under 5 seconds and you'll be confident that it is accurate despite the speed. One single measure from SlipAlert is more likely to be correct than the average of 10 readings from some of the world's best selling slip risk measures.




Oh she's quick

In well under 5 seconds you can test a floor and take the first step to preventing a slip accident. Each year employees suffer 10,000 serious injuries in the UK caused by slips and falls. There are thought to be at least that many again for people who slip and fall while out and about in restaurants, hotels, swimming pools or shopping malls. You can prevent slip accidents for your staff and customers in just 5 seconds. Click one of the buttons below or call SlipAlert now on 01923 858 323.

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